You come into a room and you immediately have a feeling for it. Do I feel comfortable or not? Why do I feel that way? And why do I feel completely different in the next room, even though the differences are minimal? I ask myself these questions all the time and go even further. If I play this room with this music and use this lighting mood, how does it feel? And what if I make certain options for action possible and take others away?
Since my early childhood I have been a very sensitive person. Colours, shapes, spaces, sounds, lighting moods and structures. These things have triggered a lot in me, which has led to me always being occupied with them. Especially the worlds of media were interesting. Films and games offered extraordinary worlds. Very soon I wanted not only to explore them, but also to create my own. The apprenticeship as a media designer taught me a professional approach to the production of mostly analogue media. The most important lessons were precision at production and basics of the aesthetics in media.

Then I started my bachelor studies in media design. Here the dynamic and interactive properties of media were in the focus. While the products were logos, flyers and brochures during my apprenticeship , the element of time was added now. Videos or games were interactive and dynamic. And music and sounds played an important role. I learned to evoke more and more specific feelings.
In the Master's program in Design and Media, I learned a lot about the functioning and theoretical aspects of media. Since then I have been dealing with media theorists and the potential and dangers of mass media. In addition, I deepened my knowledge about creative work, especially in and with groups.


During my master studies I worked as a research assistant with the tasks of games designe. Our research related to emergency paramedics in training. It can be found under the name EPICSAVE. We created mini-games and other digital VR applications. The goal was to determine which VR game elements could be used to increase the educational effect. Within this project I was able to bring in and expand my skills. Level and character design were my tasks, as well as the creation of gameplay mechanics and digital assets like objects or weather effects.

My goal is to be able to send people on emotional journeys. In the past I only wanted to excite them Today it is my concern to inspire them. While my Bachelor project was still a VR Egoshooter, whith the primary intention to give a feeling of power and speed, today I would like to look at problems in a differentiated way. But I still want to fascinate.

Benjamin Roth
Game Designer & Concept Artist

Traditional Art

Smiling Lady
Woman and coat

Science Project | Epicsave